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Who is "Nature Boy"?

a  nature boy - Steven Billen

At this point I tell something about myself and my story.

I am Steven Billen. Born in Hasselt (Belgium) on the 18. December 1979.

I grew up in Boekt-Zolder, a small community. I also attended the elementary school there. With 12 you change school in Belgium and so I came to a lyceum (high school) in Hasselt.

I was uncertain for a long time what I would like to do in life. Basketball was my everything at this age. Thus 2 years later, a change to the sports high school was the logical choice.

I think that was a good decision for me. During puberty, I was more of an introverted, restrained boy. In this school I could (have to ...) develop a little bit more to assert myself.

Church in Zolder, Belgium


At the end of the gymnasium a decision had to be made again. Continuing to study in any case. But what?
After much back and forth, the coin has fallen on "physiotherapy". The topic of health has always interested me and I saw for me here more future instead of as a sports teacher.

There are some benefits as a physiotherapist. You can - if you are adventurous - work abroad. A body works pretty much the same all over the world. That's exactly what I got. 2004 I dared to move to Austria. I got to know country, culture and language while working as an employed physio.

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Steven Billen


3 years later, it was time for the next step. The independence.
Do you know that? You are already excited, do not know exactly if it is the right decision. Will that work? ... and then there are dozens of people who advise you not to make a decision towards freedom. They had hundreds of arguments for me:
"Man has to pay tax then ..."
"After 3 years, many are looking for an employee job again - that will probably have a reason ..."
"There is no 13. and 14. Monthly salary more ... "
etc, etc .... the list is almost infinite.

Thank God I have prevailed and yet dared. Despite (not necessary) payment of 4000 € to my ex-boss, because of a competition clause, it was one of the best decisions in my life!

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Even now (stand 2019) I still work about 3 days as a physiotherapist. Apart from the fact that it is a very nice job, it also has a few minor disadvantages. I worked a lot in the last few years. A lot!

I commuted between 4 practices, supervised a Bundesliga basketball team and made home visits in a nursing home. I certainly could not keep up this rhythm for a lifetime. Less work would mean financial loss. Taking a step back is not always that easy. In addition, I now had a small family with 3 children founded.

More and more often my hands are asleep and ich had problems with cramps in my hands because of the many manual techniques on my patients. When this problem arose on Mondays, I could not imagine having to do physiotherapy until I retired.

alternative professions for physiotherapists
Occupations for newcomers
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As often in life, in such moments the most ingenious things come down from the sky.

2012, the year someone explained me Network Marketing.
I was very excited about the concept, but very skeptical! For 3 weeks, I've spent nights checking everything. What "MLM" is exactly, if and how it could work.

Again, I'm glad that I dared to take the step - despite warning voices. The dream and the vision of passive money was born. And what could I lose if I started my new career on a part-time basis?

Should I do network marketing

So far I have had nothing to do with sales and distribution. Thus, I began to engage more intensively with the topic Network Marketing. Personality has become my hobby. I love this topic! Because you can touch so many people with the know-how!

Network Marketing has changed my life. From a boy who had phone phobia, to someone who now likes to speak in front of an audience ... and so much more.

2018 I have set myself a new task. To carry the truth about hemp to the outside. The trigger for this is the Company Kannaway been. Rarely have I seen a company that places so much emphasis on the customer during product development and thus proceeds ethically.

Well-paid occupations with people - a Nature Boy

Network Marketing has changed my life. From a boy who had phone phobia, to someone who now likes to speak in front of an audience.


The personal development has actually been tremendous so far. Even if it is unfamiliar to me to write so much about myself when I am writing this text. I generally prefer to promote others.

My goal is now to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience such a development. Your potential to live. To give yourself the chance to make more of your life. Together in the team, together with a lot of fun while working.

Kannaway provides the platform, we take the opportunity.

He who does something good to other people, is done good.
I do not know a better way!

You want to market hemp lifestyle products yourself?

Here is the registration:

a  nature boy - Steven Billen

The direct contact to me:

Steven Billen

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